NHeLP Comments: HHS Rule on Religious Exemption from ACA Birth Control Provision

Executive Summary

The Trump administration’s effort to weaken, if not destroy, the Affordable Care Act’s landmark birth control provision, also includes a religious exemption for an array of employers, that as NHeLP explains in its comments to HHS opposing the exemption will “erect significant barriers to employees and their dependents to obtain” contraceptives. The administration’s “Interim Final Rule for Religious Exemptions and Accommodations for Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act,” NHeLP argues in its comments will make contraception unaffordable and inaccessible to many women ….” NHeLP also says the IFR allows religious beliefs of individuals to trump evidence-based medical standards. The Trump religious rule on the ACA birth control provision, like the “moral” rule, discriminates against women on the basis of sex in violation of the Constitution’s protections of liberty. To learn more about the religious exemption rule or NHeLP’s HHS comments please contact NHeLP to speak with our Reproductive Health Director Susan Berke Fogel.

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