Our Cases: Non-discrimination and Civil Rights

The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) works with state and national partners to advance non-discrimination and civil rights and ensure access to care regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, ability, gender, gender identity, etc.

The NHeLP Litigation & Enforcement team fights for the civil rights of the millions of people who struggle to access affordable, quality health care. Through our cases challenging identity-based discrimination in health care, discriminatory access to prescription drugs, limitations on gender affirming care, and discriminatory rulemaking, we work to ensure that people of color, people with disabilities, those with limited English proficiency, women, and LGBTQ people can achieve their fullest health potential. This work to enforce federal law is guided by our commitment to a society where everyone can achieve an optimal state of well-being and where everyone has a fundamental right to their highest attainable standard of health.

We integrate civil rights into all our substantive work—advocacy, litigation, and research—and all of our program areas. Learn more about our work defending civil rights and furthering health equity here.

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