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We need your support to make access to comprehensive health care a reality for everyone, including people of color, women, low-income individuals and families, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals. The National Health Law Program trains lawyers across the country; advocates for sound health policies; and litigates to enforce health laws and civil rights. We are working to protect our country’s future.

Please donate, inspire friends to join fundraising efforts, and spread the word about the National Health Law Program’s mission. Together we can make health equity a reality.


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Your support will help us to protect and advance health rights of low-income people in court, Congress, and statehouses nationwide, and to train the future health rights advocates. Please make a gift or set up a recurring contribution today.

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Planned Giving

Your planned-giving contribution will help us build a legacy to fight for comprehensive health care for all people for generations to come.

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Become a supporter through a Donor Advised Fund, employee matching, wire transfer or stock giving. Please contact our Development team for guidance.


When voices are heard by lawmakers, change happens. Become a health rights leader and engage your friends and networks in fundraising efforts. Please contact our Development team for guidance.

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Contribute to National Health Law Program in honor of a family member, friend, colleague, or caregiver. Please use the form below or contact our Development team about making a tribute gift.

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Pro Bono Partner

Become a pro bono partner and help us protect and advance health rights of low-income individuals and underserved communities. Leverage your legal expertise for a noble cause and join us in our vital work. Please contact National Health Law Program Pro Bono Counsel Dana Fisher-Livne to build a pro bono partnership.

50th Anniversary

The National Health Law Program, founded in 1969, is leading the way on advancing access to comprehensive, quality health care for low-income individuals and families, people of color, women, persons living with disabilities, and LGBTQ people. Support and join us today to help in creating a health care system that is for all people.

Spitzer Internship

The National Health Law Program’s Spitzer Internship is developing the next generation of public interest health rights advocacy. The paid internship enables talented law students to spend spend a summer with the National Health Law Program, learning from its legal and policy experts, and gaining invaluable insight into the challenges of public interest advocacy. Through the Spitzer Internship we are shaping future generations of public interest lawyers and policy advocates to protect and further the health and civil rights of all people.

Please contribute to the Spitzer Internship – to ensure success of our future health advocates.

Alumni Circle

A network of passionate National Health Law Program staff, interns, fellows, board members, and volunteers, who have fought for health rights for the last 50 years.  Contact our Development team to learn more about the Alumni Circle.


Use our resources, including webinars, presentations and events, to stay informed on the efforts to protect and expand access to quality health care coverage for low-income individuals and families and historically underserved communities.