NHeLP Comments: HHS Rule on Moral Exemptions from ACA Birth Control Provision

Executive Summary

The Trump administration’s “Interim Final Rule for Moral Exemptions and Accommodations” for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s contraceptions provision flouts the intent of the ACA by allowing a wildly broad exemption for all kinds of employers, non and for-profit, to cite “moral” reasons for refusing to provide no-cost, FDA approved methods of contraception to women. In comments to HHS acting secretary, NHeLP details why the administration’s interim final rule (IFR)  “will deprive women of health care benefits that medical experts recognize as critical to ensuring reproductive health and well-being.” NHeLP’s comments also reveal how the Trump rule’s broad exemptions to the ACA’s birth control benefit singles out women for adverse treatment by impeding their right to access treatment that is essential to their health and equality, violating their Fifth Amendment Due Process rights. For more information about NHeLP’s comments or the Trump IFR, please contact the NHeLP Communications team to speak with Reproductive Health Director Susan Berke Fogel on the Trump rule and NHeLP’s HHS comments.

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