Protect Medicaid Funding: Medicaid Services, Issue 4 (Updated April 2017)

Executive Summary

The fourth issue in NHeLP’s Protect Medicaid Funding series examines the dire consequences for the health of tens of millions of individuals who rely on the Medicaid guarantee. “Any reduction of mandatory services would negatively impact the health of vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant women, seniors, and persons with disabilities, the authors state in the fact sheet. It also describes the adverse impact block grants or caps would have on the ability of states to provide myriad optional health care services, such as in-home and community care. This paper was updated in April 2017 with a personal story from an Illinois family. Jason, who was born with complex medical conditions has received the proper and timely care through Medicaid. Medicaid, his mother Debra says has played a significant role in providing the medical care and in-home services that have allowed Jason to thrive at home and in his community. Jason will celebrate his 40th birthday in May.

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