A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Doula Care from a Public Health Framework

Executive Summary

Doula care continues to be heralded as a promising approach to help address the maternal health crisis in the United States. This report seeks to present a broad cost-benefit analysis of public reimbursement for doula services nationally with a public health and Reproductive Justice lens. We summarize the cost of recent maternal and infant morbidity and mortality; outline the cost savings from doula support; describe the health benefits of doulas across the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum continuum; and provide recommendations/conclusions for allies and advocates across disciplines. The report also includes links to additional information as well as formulas and data sources to calculate state-specific cost savings potential.

This issue brief is a collaboration between Ariel Eastburn, Erin Hubbard, Ashley Mitchell of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, and Amy Chen of the National Health Law Program

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