Disability Rights

Protecting Health Care Rights of Individuals with Disabilities

Accessible, community-based, non-discriminatory health care coverage and services for individuals with disabilities are an essential component of any health care system. Yet individuals with disabilities face discrimination in both health care coverage and services. The National Health Law Program promotes robust enforcement of federal laws designed to prohibit discrimination, including Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Protecting Medicaid is also central to our disability rights work, because Medicaid provides vital coverage and services for persons with disabilities, including services not generally covered by Medicare or private insurance, such as long-term care. In fact, Medicaid pays for approximately two-thirds of the country’s long-term services and supports. Medicaid has been a pioneer in creating home care options that allow individuals to stay out of nursing homes and other long-term facilities. These home and community based services improve outcomes, cost less, and facilitate greater community integration. Medicaid plans can also offer a range of other key services, including extensive coverage of community-based behavioral health services.

We advocate for state and federal health care laws and policies that meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and promotes greater community integration, partnering with state advocates to litigate when necessary.

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