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  • Amicus: Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Pennsylvania DHS, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

    In 1985, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a state law restricting the use of public funding for abortions, finding that it did not violate the Pennsylvania Constitution. In January 2019, eight reproductive health centers filed suit seeking reconsideration of that decision and ultimately, a court order requiring the Commonwealth…

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  • Schwartz v. Cal DHCS, Superior Court of California

    Abbi Coursolle and

    An adult California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) beneficiary is challenging the California Department of Health Care Services and her county Mental Health Plan after she experienced a mental health crisis and was turned away from evaluation and subsequent treatment without appropriate notice. The Plaintiff alleges that she was denied medically necessary…

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  • S.J v. Tidball, Western District of Missouri

    Nine children with medically complex conditions who are enrolled in Medicaid in Missouri challenged the Missouri Department of Social Services' failure to provide or arrange for medically necessary in-home nursing services as required by the Medicaid Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Absent sufficient in-home nursing hours, these…

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  • A.M.C. v. Smith, Middle District of Tennessee

    Thirty-five children and adults from across Tennessee brought a class action challenging the State for wrongfully terminating people’s health insurance under Tennessee’s Medicaid program, known as TennCare. The Plaintiffs allege that TennCare’s system for reevaluating eligibility is defective and fails to provide the notice and opportunity for hearing required…

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  • A.A. v. Gee, Middle District of Louisiana

    Litigation Team

    Medicaid eligible children who require intensive home and community-based mental health services challenged Louisiana’s failure to arrange for or provide those medically necessary services. The failure to provide these services has forced thousands of Louisiana children to unnecessarily cycle in and out of hospitals and psychiatric facilities far away…

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  • Amicus: California v. Texas, U.S. Supreme Court

    The National Health Law Program and ten other organizations filed an amicus brief opposing a group of states’ effort to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion and other provisions designed to improve the Medicaid program. Texas and twelve other states arguing that the ACA’s minimum coverage…

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