NHeLP’s Revisions to Draft Issuer Notices for Marketplace Renewals

NHeLP’s Revisions to Draft Issuer Notices for Marketplace Renewals

Executive Summary

NHeLP provided general comments to the CMS “Insurance Standards Bulletin Series” (June 26, 2014) as well as revised versions of two of the draft renewal notices (Attachments 2 and 4 of the June 26 bulletin) to enrollees from QHPs for the upcoming Exchange renewals and redeterminations.
NHeLP submitted comments in regards to the proposed 2015 renewal process, as outlined in the NPRM at 79 Fed. Reg. 37262 (July 1, 2014) and CMS’ “Guidance on Annual Redeterminations for Coverage for 2015,” (June 26, 2014).  NHeLP’s comments included recommendations for renewals for 2015 as well as for 2016 and and beyond for the redetermination of eligibility for APTCs, renewal via auto enrollment, and requirements for renewal notices to consumers.

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