NHeLP Comments on Indiana’s Amended HIP Plan 2.0 Sec. 1115 Waiver

Executive Summary

In comments to the U.S. Department of of Health and Human Services, NHeLP urges Secretary Thomas Price to reject Indiana’s amended extension to its so-called Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 (HIP 2.0). Indiana’s amended extension includes a program that diverts funds to a so-called “Gateway to Work” program that creates onerous obstacles for people trying to access health care.  In its comments to Secretary Price, NHeLP states, “Work search requirements represent an illegal condition of eligibility beyond the Medicaid eligibility criteria.” NHeLP adds, “A mandatory work requirement is not medical assistance; it is not a service provided to Medicaid beneficiaries.” NHeLP previously filed comments raising objections to Indiana’s initial version of its requested waiver extension. See this Issue Brief by Senior Policy Analyst David Machledt regarding Indiana’s demonstration waiver request.

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