Top 10 Changes to Medicaid Under House Republicans’ ACA Repeal Bill

Executive Summary

The ACA repeal bill, the so-called American Health Care Act (AHCA), introduced in the Senate in March has been amended numerous times to gain support for passage. NHeLP managing attorneys have updated an earlier issue brief on the bill to explore how the amendments maintain drastic cuts to Medicaid, and now include even harsher provisions that would harm the most vulnerable individuals and populations. Managing Attorney of the DC office Mara Youdelman and Managing Attorney of the LA office Kim Lewis detail how the ACA repeal bill “keeps getting worse for low-income people across the country.” They conclude that the proposed draconian cuts to Medicaid are a threat to everyone – “enrollees who receive services, health care providers who provide care through Medicaid, families who live and work without the worry of providing expensive care to a child with a debilitating illness or an older adult who needs home care or nursing home care, and all communities that benefit from the jobs created and the federal dollars flowing into our state economies.”

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