Senate ACA Repeal Bill Allows States to Erode Affordable, Comprehensive Coverage

Executive Summary

The Senate’s effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would result in an erosion of consumer protections by allowing states much greater ability to waive through Section 1332 of the ACA key provisions of the health care law, such as the law’s “requirement that insurers in the marketplace cover a minimum of ten EHBs [Essential Health Benefits],” writes Staff Attorney  Héctor Hernández-Delgado in a new paper, “The Senate ACA Repeal Bill Allows States to Erode Affordable and Comprehensive Coverage.” Hernández-Delgado concludes that the Senate’s repeal effort would allow states “to waive key ACA individual marketplace reforms without requiring them to come up with a new plan that would provide coverage as comprehensive and as affordable as under the ACA.”

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