NHeLP Comments on Dental Action Plan Template for Medicaid and CHIP Programs

Executive Summary

NHeLP and the Children's Dental Health Project recommend that CMS' Dental Action Plan template establish more specific, targeted goals that take into account existing disparities in access to care. Other suggestions include improvements to the data collection methodologies in the template

Office of Management and Budget
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Attention: CMS Desk Officer
RE: CMS-10368 (OCN 0938-NEW)
Dental Action Plan Template for Medicaid and CHIP Programs
Dear Sir/Madam:
The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) and the Children?s Dental Health Project (CDHP) appreciate the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed Dental Action Plan Template published December 23, 2011. NHeLP is a public interest law firm working to advance access to quality health care and protect the legal rights of lower-income and underserved people. NHeLP works with state and local advocates, providers, and clients to improve the health care safety net. CDHP is a national non?profit organization with the vision of achieving equity in oral health to allow all children to reach their full potential. As a consumer organization, CDHP works diligently to improve access to and affordability of high quality oral health services for children, particularly the most vulnerable children in this country. While we support the attention given to the oral health of children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP, we are concerned with several provisions of the proposed Template and provide the following comments. We appreciate your consideration.

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