NC Juvenile Justice Resources and References

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Sarabeth Zemel and Neva Kaye, Medicaid Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention Policies: Findings from a Survey of Juvenile Justice and
Medicaid Policies Affecting Children in the Juvenile Justice System (National Academy for State Health Policy 2009)
Lourdes M. Rosado and Riya S. Shaw, Protecting Youth from Self-Incrimination when Undergoing Screening, Assessment and Treatment
within the Juvenile Justice System (Juvenile Law Center, January 2007)
Sonya Schwartz and Melanie Glascock, Improving Access to Health Coverage for Transitional Youth (National Academy for State Health
Policy, July 2008)
Jennie L. Shufelt and Joseph J. Cocozza, Research and Program Brief: Youth with Mental Health Disorders in the Juvenile Justice System:
Results from a Multi-State Prevalence Study (National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, 2006)
Kathleen R. Skowyra and Joseph J. Cocozza, PhD, Blueprint for Change: A Comprehensive Model for the Treatment of Youth with Mental
Health Needs in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System (National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, 2007)

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