Gresham v. Azar: Amended Complaint (Legal Pleading)

Gresham v. Azar: Amended Complaint (Legal Pleading)

The amended complaint in Gresham v. Azar, which includes more plaintiffs, noting that more than 8,400 people have lost coverage since implementation of of Arkansans’ Medicaid work requirements mandate: The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ran afoul of his authority under the Medicaid act in approving earlier this year a waiver plan from Arkansas that includes an onerous and illegal work requirement, as well as a reduction in retroactive eligibility, National Health Law ProgramLegal Aid of Arkansas and Southern Poverty Law Centerargue in lawsuit representing Arkansas Medicaid beneficiaries filed today in federal court, urging it to block implementation of the Arkansas waiver scheme. Download and read the complaint.

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