Contraceptive Equity in Action: A Toolkit for State Implementation

Executive Summary

The National Health Law Program is dedicated to ensuring appropriate implementation and monitoring for states that have adopted Contraceptive Equity laws. The National Health Law Program developed this Toolkit to explain how Contraceptive Equity laws fit within the broader federal and state health insurance landscape. After laying out the federal legal framework for contraceptive coverage laws, the Toolkit provides a comprehensive analysis of the laws in all states that have adopted Contraceptive Equity. It then delves into specific tips and strategies for a range of stakeholders relevant to contraceptive coverage: advocates, media and communications strategists, providers, health plans, and regulators. It concludes with a series of practical tools in the Appendices, such as a model formulary, a 50-state survey detailing which states have implemented Contraceptive Equity mandates, and template violations and appeals letters (Updated July, 2019).

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