Complaint: AA v. Gee, U.S. District Court of the Middle District of Louisiana

Executive Summary

Louisiana is failing to meet its obligation to provide mental health services to Medicaid-eligible children and families in the state, forcing thousands to unnecessarily cycle in and out of hospitals and psychiatric facilities far away from their homes for extended periods of time, and forcing some to become inappropriately involved in the juvenile justice system, according to a lawsuit filed today by five Louisiana families.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court of the Middle District of Louisiana, describes how Louisiana knowingly fails to provide Medicaid-eligible children and families with access to intensive home and community-based services (IHCBS) throughout the state, despite the need for those services from children who have serious mental health needs. Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Rebekah Gee and the Louisiana Department of Health are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

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