California: Disability Advocacy

Millions of Californians with disabilities use Medi-Cal and other health care programs to access essential services, supports, and devices. NHeLP works with partners across the state to ensure that health care services are person centered, integrated, and provided in home and community-based settings.

We advocate to ensure that disabled Californians, including those enrolled in Medi-Cal, dually eligible for both Medi-Cal and Medicare, or enrolled in Covered California plans, have access to comprehensive and high-quality health care coverage and services. We work to improve access to and coordination of the full spectrum of services that people with disabilities need, including long-term services and supports, mental health services, and substance use disorder services.

In the provision of services, we promote policies and practices that increase community living and decrease the use of institutional and segregated settings. We also advocate to reduce plan benefit designs that segregate people with disabilities, or that impose discriminatory exclusions or limitations on services or supports that people with disabilities need to participate in community life. We approach all of our advocacy in California through the lens of health equity, including equity for disability communities and people who face discrimination or oppression based on multiple identities.

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