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  • Doula Medicaid Project

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  • Federal Doula Bill Tracker

    The National Health Law Program is currently tracking federal bills related to doula care and coverage. We have compiled our information into the chart below, which we hope will be a helpful resource for doulas, advocates, researchers, legislators, and other stakeholders working on this issue. We are doing our…

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  • Current State Doula Medicaid Efforts

    The National Health Law Program's Doula Medicaid Project is tracking current state doula Medicaid efforts, including states that have enacted legislation and are in the process of implementing Medicaid coverage for doula care. We have compiled our information into the chart below, which we hope will be a helpful resource…

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  • Doula Medicaid Project TEST

    Illustrator M Jay Smith created the lovely artwork which is the centering image for the Doula Medicaid Project. Watch a short time-lapse video of the creation of the design and read Smith's artist statement here. About the Doula Medicaid Project  The National Health Law Program’s Doula Medicaid Project seeks to…

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  • Michelle Yiu

    Policy Fellow

    Michelle Yiu is the Policy Fellow in the National Health Law Program's D.C. office, where she researches health policy issues, monitors federal and state regulations and legislative bills, and supports the development and implementation of legal, policy, and advocacy strategies. Michelle just graduated with her B.A. in Public Health…

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  • NHeLP Recognizes that Health Care Refusals Harm Transgender and Gender Diverse People

    Two Courts of Appeal recently held that, in spite of Section 1557’s important protections against discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, certain employers, health plans, hospitals, and providers may refuse to provide gender-affirming care to Transgender and Gender Diverse people. These Courts held…

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