Webinar: Medicare-for-All? Public Option? What Does It All Mean for Low-Income Individuals?

Executive Summary

All major Democratic candidates agree that the ultimate goal of any health care reform proposal should be universal health care coverage, but disagree about the best way to get there. Some believe the best option is to add a public option, thereby capitalizing on the coverage and affordability gains achieved by the Affordable Care Act, while others believe that exchanging our current fragmented system of insurance for a new single-payer system is the appropriate pathway to lower costs and increased consumer protections. The remainder of the field have staked out ground along the continuum.

In this webinar National Health Law Program attorneys Jennifer Lav and Héctor Hernández-Delgado discuss the opportunities and trade-offs inherent in these various proposals, and how each proposal will impact access to health care for low-income individuals and families. (You will need to register for the webinar to watch the recording)

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