Pregnancy, Opioid Use Disorder, and Opioid Agonist Treatment: A Fact Sheet for State-Level Advocates

Executive Summary

The worsening crisis of opioid-related harm in the U.S. touches all members of society, including pregnant people. People may use opioids during pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including pain management and because they have an opioid use disorder (OUD). Individuals who seek evidence-based care for OUD often experience a number of barriers, including a shortage of providers willing and/or able to provide treatment to people with OUD, concerns regarding the criminalization of people who use drugs, and limited availability of OUD treatment providers who accept Medicaid. These barriers are often compounded for pregnant people with OUD (PPOUD). As legal aid advocates, it is important to advocate for your clients so that they can receive the evidence-based care that best meets their needs and goals.

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