Medicaid Managed Care Monitoring Tool 2: Your Legal Rights Brochure

Most families in your area who get Medicaid are in a "managed care" plan. This means that you have a primary care provider, and you must go to the primary care provider for your care. Some people have found this to be a good program, but some people have had problems. Legal services may be able to help if you have a problem.
If you are in a managed care plan, ask yourself these questions:
Are you happy with the health care you and your family are getting?
Are your children getting regular check-ups?
Do you know how to switch plans or doctors if you want?
Have you had any problems getting care?
Have you had to wait too long to get an appointment to see a doctor?
Have you asked to see a specialist and been told no?
Have you been billed for any of your care?
If you are having a problem with your managed care plan, you have the right to ask the plan to fix it. If they do not, you can have a fair hearing. You have the right to have a lawyer help you in this process.
Legal Services of ______________ provides free legal services to eligible Medicaid recipients.
Requesting our services:
If you want to talk to a lawyer about a problem you are having getting health care, call__________. Ask for a lawyer to talk with you about a problem with Medicaid.

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