Case Statement and Strategic Action Fund

Executive Summary

National Health Law Program’s Strategic Action Fund

We support and educate lawyers in all 50 states and D.C.; we advocate for federal health policy that ensures access to quality health care for low-income people; and if we can’t protect health rights through advocacy and persuasion, we litigate. Our track record in court is strong and we keep fighting until we win. We have 50 years of experience enforcing Medicaid, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and civil rights laws on behalf of our nation’s most vulnerable.

We have launched a Strategic Action Fund to take us to a future where everyone has access to quality health care.

Our vision is of a country where everyone has access to the resources they need to be healthy. We have work to do to achieve that vision. The current threats to health care are great and they are not going away. We have to protect publicly funded health care and then build on it to realize our vision of health equity.
For our 50th anniversary, we have created a Strategic Action Fund to ensure that we can respond to threats and seize opportunities quickly and with the resources needed. The Strategic Action Fund will be the cornerstone needed to support vital work over the next few years, while we expand our base of unrestricted giving. With $2,000,000 in unrestricted funding, the National Health Law Program will continue to be nimble, swift and powerful in the days, months and years ahead, so that our vision of health for all will become a reality.
For further information about the Strategic Action Fund, please download our case statement.

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