AARP/NHeLP et al amicus brief in Independent Living

Amici are organizations committed to serving the needs of low-income persons, including older Americans, individuals with disabilities, children, and women of child-bearing age. Amici?s work involves promoting public awareness of the disproportionate need for health care and barriers to care experienced by these populations and advocating for their interests and legal rights. It is in this last capacity that amici submit this Brief, asking the Court to affirm the decisions below.
AARP is a non-partisan, non-profit membership organization for people 50 and over. AARP advocates for health and economic security for everyone and in particular for vulnerable people of all ages, including low-income people and persons with disabilities. AARP supports access to and expansion of quality health care through publicly administered health insurance programs, including Medicaid, an essential safety net program that provides coverage to people who would otherwise be denied health care. To further that end, Medicaid recipients? access to the courts to challenge the denial of Medicaid services is critical. Families USA is the national, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization for health care consumers, dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health coverage and care for all Americans. For the past 29 years, Families USA has led various coalition efforts to protect and expand health coverage for low-income families, including the National Medicaid Coalition that it chairs.

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*NHeLP recognizes that the term “mental retardation” is offensive, outdated, and harms the disability community. NHeLP generally uses the term “intellectual disability.”  However, this document uses the term “mental retardation” only to accurately conform to the now-outdated version of federal or state law in effect at the time the document was created. Because we have determined that the document provides valuable information not otherwise available, we continue to provide access to it through our website.

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