Medicaid in the Courts Amicus Project

The National Health Law Program’s Amicus Project is a judicial advocacy strategy to protect the rights of low income Medicaid enrollees. With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NHeLP is working with advocates, providers, enrollees, policy makers, legal experts, and other stakeholders to (1) monitor legal developments in courts that will impact rights and benefits set forth in the Medicaid Act and regulations; (2) forecast opportunities to advance and protect health rights and benefits; (3) submit amicus briefs in cases with a potential impact on Medicaid rights; and (4) engage new allies which have not historically participated in amicus strategies.

For additional information or to participate in the Amicus Project, please contact 213-805-5398 | (310) 204-6010 X 105 or email [email protected].

What is an amicus brief?

About the Amicus Project

Through this project, the National Health Law Program is executing a comprehensive monitoring and response system directed at judicial threats to Medicaid. We submit amicus briefs in pivotal cases in order to increase awareness and understanding of the Medicaid program among judges and litigants. We are also providing trainings to stakeholders in order to increase their capacity to engage in the judicial process. Our goal is to encourage judicial rulings that better reflect the complexities of Medicaid coverage—how Medicaid works legally and what coverage means to the more than 70 million Americans who depend on Medicaid for their health care needs.


Cases to Watch

The below section features a list of cases that we are working on as part of our Amicus Project. Each case section includes an overview of the case, issue briefs, and additional resources. Check back often, as this list of cases will grow over the duration of the project.

Amicus Project Blog Series

NHeLP is Friending the Courts


Below we will post information about upcoming trainings about amicus briefs. If your organization is interested in learning more about writing amicus briefs, please contact [email protected] for additional information.