Update on Medicaid Sec. 1115 Cases

Update on Medicaid Sec. 1115 Cases

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that it will not hear the Medicaid section 1115 coverage loss cases. The National Health Law Program has been lead counsel on the cases, working with Health Law Partnerships in Arkansas and New Hampshire, and Jenner & Block. These cases, Gresham v. Becerra (ARK) and Philbrick v. Becerra (NH), have been pending at the Court for a year. The cases involved Trump-era approvals that would cause significant Medicaid coverage loss due to mandatory work requirements and waiver of retroactive coverage requirements.

The Biden administration has withdrawn the work requirement policies as inconsistent with the objectives of the Medicaid Act. The Supreme Court vacated the D.C. Circuit’s opinions as moot and remanded to the Circuit Court with instructions to direct the District Court to remand to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Philbrick v. Becerra, D.D.C., D.C. Circuit, and Supreme Court

Gresham v. Becerra, D.D.C., D.C. Circuit and, Supreme Court

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