National Health Law Program Expands D.C. Staff with Communications Hire

National Health Law Program Expands D.C. Staff with Communications Hire

NHeLP’s Executive Director Elizabeth G. Taylor Welcomes New Communications Director

National Health Law Program Executive Director Elizabeth G. Taylor today announced an expansion of its national office staff with the hire of a communications director.

“Since 1969, NHeLP has worked tirelessly and successfully to defend and expand health care rights of people saddled with insufficient incomes or mired in poverty,” NHeLP Executive Director Elizabeth G. Taylor said. “We are a resilient group in the face of great resources dedicated to protecting the status quo in our country, which coddles the wealthy, while leaving behind the most vulnerable among us. I’m pleased to announce that Jeremy Leaming, formerly of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS), will join our national staff to help shape NHeLP’s communications efforts.”

As Vice President of Communications for ACS, Jeremy helped oversee growth of the group’s digital presence, with ACSblog, and an active Twitter and Facebook presence. Jeremy was also instrumental in helping to shape ACS’s external voice on myriad legal and policy concerns, such as defending the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, highlighting solutions to ongoing and festering inequality, and fighting against a justice system that too often favors the well-to-do at the expense of everyone else.

“With strategic litigation and policy work to secure quality health care for disadvantaged families and communities, it is imperative for NHeLP to expand efforts to communicate about our work so that we can help more low-income and underserved people, and shape even more law and policy on their behalf,” Taylor continued. “For more than four decades NHeLP has advocated for a just society where health care is a right, not something to be enjoyed by the privileged few. In a society growing more unequal, economically and otherwise, NHeLP must reach more people with the vital message that liberty includes a right to health care. A bolstered communications effort can help NHeLP amplify the work of its spectacular legal team, and importantly advance the cause of NHeLP, which is to provide access to quality health care to the most vulnerable among us.”

At ACS, Jeremy helped promote two influential policy papers by Simon Lazarus that defended the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, and exposed dangers lurking within the lawsuits challenging Obamacare. (Those ACS Issue Briefs are here and here.) Leaming also landed numerous guest posts for ACSblog from legal scholars on the conservative legal efforts to limit reproductive freedom, including litigation aimed at gutting the ACA’s contraceptive policy, which requires employers to provide inclusive preventive health care services in their insurance coverage plans.

NHeLP, founded in 1969, advocates for the rights of low-income and underserved people to access quality healthcare.

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