Advancing Toward our Vision of a Society where All have Access to Quality Health Care: National Health Law Program Announces New Organizational Design

Advancing Toward our Vision of a Society where All have Access to Quality Health Care: National Health Law Program Announces New Organizational Design

Washington, DC – The National Health Law Program (NHeLP) is proud to announce the implementation of a new organizational design, a bold step toward achieving our vision of a society where everyone has access to quality health care and can achieve their own highest attainable standard of health.

The new organizational design, informed by over five decades of litigation and policy expertise, is also intended to foster emerging leaders, formalize our work around critical issues of health law and policy, better integrate our communications, development, and operations teams to further our advocacy, and support staff in growing and evolving their careers.

NHeLP has instituted four new Practice Areas, which will provide structure and focus to longstanding policy priorities. The new Disability; Eligibility & Enrollment; Services; and Delivery Systems practice areas join our existing Sexual & Reproductive Health Practice Area, which has acted as a model for effective, cross-organizational collaboration.

The Practice Areas will work in close partnership with our existing Litigation & Enforcement, Federal Advocacy, California Policy Advocacy, Mission Advancement and Mission Coordination teams. All of these teams have a seat at the newly created Leadership Table, which will be a primary forum for guiding NHeLP’s collective vision. 

“For 55 years, the National Health Law Program has worked to protect and expand access to health care for low-income and underserved individuals and communities. NHeLP grew up alongside the Medicaid program, and our litigation and policy work has helped make Medicaid and related programs reliable sources of health care coverage for millions of individuals and families across the United States. Our new organizational design will allow us to redouble our efforts and act nimbly in the face of a rapidly shifting health care landscape,” said Elizabeth G. Taylor, Executive Director of the National Health Law Program. “Our entire staff participated in re-imagining how we work together, building on our strengths and the deep expertise of our staff while allowing ourselves to try something new. Our Leadership Table has expanded to include new members, who bring their passion and creativity to our discussions and decision-making. We are delighted to see how our grand experiment is taking shape.”

“Our practice areas bring together our deep bench of experts and allow them to work together to develop strategies and policies aimed at furthering access to equitable health care. These new structures also offer opportunities for leadership, mentorship, and increased responsibility,” said Kim Lewis, Managing Director, California Policy  and Practice Area Managing Director. “Our practice areas will empower our staff to work on the issues they care deeply about and allow NHeLP to develop a pipeline of emerging leaders.” 

NHeLP is grateful for the talent and commitment all of its leaders bring to our work. We are strong and prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Read more about NHeLP’s Strategic Vision here.

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