Medicaid is Integral to Children with Complex Health Care Needs

Medicaid is Integral to Children with Complex Health Care Needs

The U.S. Congress needs constant reminders that Medicaid is about people. Kathleen Béres Rogers, a South Carolina teacher and mother of Julia, who has Down Syndrome, details the importance Medicaid has played in her life in an essay for the National Health Law Program.

Medicaid, she writes, “has enabled us to take Julia to three therapies a week (speech, occupational, and physical therapies) and pay for numerous doctor visits due to her ear infections, constant strep throat, Celiac disease, and generally low immune system.” She notes that because of Medicaid her family has been able “to keep working, saving, and making Julia’s future as bright as it can be.”

Rogers also shares the stories of numerous other families in similar stations, who need and rely on Medicaid.

Read the entire essay here, and send it to senators who are debating legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut Medicaid funding. Also please share your ACA and Medicaid success stories with NHeLP by using this form.


Top Row: Sheyenne, Parker, Mae, Lily, Kaetlyn, Julia
Middle Row: Jude, Jakob, Freddie, Jack & Evan, Elizabeth & Evan, Davis
Bottom Row: Asher, Callie, Daisy, Behr, Danny, Becka


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