"Build Back Better" Series

The Build Back Better Act (BBB) address a number of longstanding inequities in health care and broader systemic injustices in health; provides new economic and social supports for low- and middle-income individuals and families; and helps fight climate change.

Pervasive and systemic inequities were exacerbated by the pandemic and exploitative economic practices. The Build Back Better Act provides a start to address and ameliorate these intersecting issues and build a more just society.

The National Health Law Program’s “Build Back Better” series focuses on the health-related provisions in the Act. Some of the issues the series will cover include the Medicaid coverage gap, Home and Community Based Services, maternal health, behavioral health, and drug pricing negotiations.

The Build Back Better series of blog posts and issue briefs will launch in the coming weeks. We encourage you to explore our back catalog of materials touching on issues of health care and race, access and health equity.

Blog Posts

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