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  • Medicaid Awareness Month

    Message From Our Executive Director Elizabeth G. Taylor Executive Director Medicaid Fast Facts Medicaid covers health services for 41 million children, nearly half of children in the US. Medicaid is a lifeline for nearly half of the 14 million children with…

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  • [Video] Issue -Spotting During the Medicaid Unwinding

    National Health Law Program (NHeLP)

    In this new video, we discuss some major issues people might encounter during the nationwide Medicaid unwinding process. The video provides a high-level overview of the unwinding process. It gives advocates and community members the information they need to help individuals and families navigate Medicaid renewals. This video breaks…

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  • Evaluating Medicaid Block Grants & Per Capita Caps (Updated 2023)

    As the debt ceiling debate moves forward in Congress, we expect Republican proposals to dramatically limit the funding structure of Medicaid. NHeLP provides questions to help in assessing the impact of the forthcoming austerity proposals. Since the overall goal of Republicans in Congress remains slashing government funding, all states…

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  • Per Capita Caps vs. Block Grants in Medicaid (Updated 2023)

    What is the difference between per capita caps and block grants in Medicaid? Both are tools long championed by Medicaid detractors as ways to supposedly improve the Medicaid guarantee. In this updated one-page fact sheet, NHeLP explains that the differences are minor, but both would produce similar results —…

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  • Fact Sheet: What is a Per Capita Cap? (Updated 2023)

    The current Congressional debt ceiling debate is likely to revive Republican efforts to restrict Medicaid funding. One proposal would implement a "per capita cap" in Medicaid. NHeLP, which fights to preserve and bolster the Medicaid guarantee, explains in a brief fact sheet what a per capita cap is, and…

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  • Protect Medicaid 2023

    Congressional Republicans are considering policies that would cut funding for Medicaid as part of the debt ceiling negotiation. Emerging proposals could include Medicaid block grants, per capita caps, and work requirements which would limit federal funding and make it harder for people to access health care programs and services.NHeLP's…

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