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National Health Law Program protects low-income individuals’ rights to quality health care by representing them directly in federal and state courts. When appropriate, we advocate before federal agencies through filing administrative complaints. We also regularly write amicus, or “friend of the court” briefs, which enables us to share our expertise about Medicaid with courts in high-profile cases.

Many of our cases have changed institutional practices and set lasting progressive health care precedents. For example, our litigation efforts have resulted in community-based behavioral health services for children and adults, in home services for children with medically complex conditions, home care for older adults, and the national standards for screening low-income children for lead poisoning. When the states have failed to process Medicaid applications in a timely way–thus leaving people in limbo without coverage–our legal action has secured benefits for Medicaid applicants and system-wide changes to alleviate the problem. As managed care has become the predominant service delivery system, our litigation efforts have helped ensure accountability and transparency among states and the managed care entities with whom they contract.

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