NHeLP Board Chair Celebrates Strategic Framework

NHeLP Board Chair Celebrates Strategic Framework

Below is a statement from NHeLP Board Chair Ann M. Kappler celebrating our Strategic Framework. Learn more and read our entire Strategic Framework here. A formatted PDF version can be downloaded here.

As Board Chair of the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), I am thrilled to share NHeLP’s new strategic framework with you. This framework is the culmination of a years-long process that involved intensive engagement with staff, board members, partners, supporters, and stakeholders. That this framework emerged during unprecedented change and uncertainty has imbued it with a resilience and purpose that will serve NHeLP well in the years to come.

The framework sets out a bold vision for a society where everyone has access to quality health care that allows them to achieve their own highest attainable standard of health. NHeLP will make this a reality by continuing and expanding its work to ensure that everyone in the United States can access health care through an enforceable, comprehensive, federal health care entitlement program that is culturally and linguistically appropriate, person-centered, and of high quality.

Furthermore, this strategic framework is deeply rooted in NHeLP’s equity commitments, and the identified priorities and measures of success reflect that. We are committed to utilizing all of our strategies and tools, including policy advocacy, litigation, training, education, partnerships, and communications, to achieve our priorities and, ultimately, our goal of health equity in the United States.

In these uncertain times, this strategic framework provides a roadmap for how NHeLP will continue to protect and improve access to health care for those who need it most. I am proud of the work and thought that has gone into developing this framework, and I am excited for the future of NHeLP as together we work to achieve our vision of a more equitable and just health care system. I invite you to learn more about NHeLP’s Strategic Framework and the many opportunities for engagement and collaborative partnership.

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