Medicaid Unwinding Presents Nationwide Challenges as Health Program Celebrates 58 Years

Medicaid Unwinding Presents Nationwide Challenges as Health Program Celebrates 58 Years

Washington, DC – As we approach the 58th anniversary of the Medicaid Act, the National Health Law Program continues to enforce, protect, and advocate for Medicaid in the face of a rapidly shifting and fraught landscape. For over half a century, our legal and policy experts have championed this critical program, which provides children, pregnant people, older adults, and people with disabilities the dignity of affordable, comprehensive health coverage. 

“As states and territories resume millions of Medicaid renewals for the first time since the pandemic began three years ago, we are acutely aware of the coverage gains that can be lost and the potentially dire consequences this will have on low-income people nationwide,” said Alicia Emanuel, senior attorney at the National Health Law Program. “Nearly 4 million people have already lost coverage since the unwinding began, and millions more are anticipated to lose coverage in the coming months. Against these unprecedented coverage losses, NHeLP’s team is well situated to meet this challenge, and staff across the organization are focused on Medicaid continuous coverage unwinding activities. We are closely monitoring the unwinding for due process violations, and collaborating with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and federal and state partners to preserve Medicaid coverage for all eligible people.”  

“Our work is also supported by collaborative and lasting relationships that we’ve forged over the decades. NHeLP has Health Law Partnerships with highly experienced state-based legal advocacy organizations in over 20 states, and we are working with them to troubleshoot issues in real-time,” said Sarah Grusin, senior attorney. “Right now, we are especially concerned about the high rate of Medicaid terminations related to paperwork issues, confusing notices that don’t explain how people can keep their coverage, and additional burdens on people with disabilities and those who speak languages other than English. The scale of the unwinding is unprecedented, but we will continue to fight for the millions of individuals and families who access vital health care through Medicaid.”  

You can learn more about NHeLP’s unwinding work here

Reporters covering the Medicaid unwinding and hoping to learn more about the legal and policy implications should reach out to Andy DiAntonio, Director of Communications, to schedule an interview with NHeLP’s team of experts. 

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