Health Champion Henry Waxman Retiring

Health Champion Henry Waxman Retiring

WASHINGTON—The National Health Law Program’s (NHeLP) Executive Director Emily Spitzer released the following statement in response to Rep. Henry Waxman’s announcement that he will retire at the end of the 113th Congress: 

“Congressman Waxman is the quintessential public advocate, working decades to truly improve the lives of all Americans. His list of achievements is long and impressive and will continue to benefit all Americans for decades after he retires. Mr. Waxman ushered through pivotal pieces of health care legislation, most notably the Affordable Care Act. Without his input and stewardship, millions of Americans might still be uninsured.  

He showed unwavering support for Medicaid and protecting and advancing health care for our nation’s most vulnerable through major expansions of the program and vigorously defended it from attacks. He made family planning a reality for low-income women by advocating for federal funding in Medicaid and has swiftly opposed barriers to reproductive care for women.

In addition, he’s responsible for the Ryan White Care Act, which allocates billions of dollars in federal money to provide medical care and services to Americans living with HIV/AIDS.

I thank Mr. Waxman for his exceptional service and dedication. We worked hand-in-hand with him many times during his almost 40 years in the House, most notably on defending and expanding Medicaid and the ACA. He has been a true ally not only to NHeLP, but to all health advocates. As a tremendous force in making America a better and healthier place, he will be very much missed.” 

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