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  • Gresham v. Azar, D.D.C., D.C. Circuit and, Supreme Court

    Litigation Team

    Arkansas residents enrolled in Medicaid filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging its approval of a Section 1115 waiver which would allow Arkansas to impose onerous conditions on eligibility, including work requirements, and eliminate retroactive coverage. These changes will terminate Medicaid coverage of tens of thousands of low-income…

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  • Stewart v. Azar, D.D.C. and D.C. Circuit

    Litigation Team and

    Sixteen Kentuckians enrolled in Medicaid filed a class action lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging its approval of a section 1115 waiver, which would allow sweeping changes to Kentucky’s Medicaid program, including work requirements, premiums, lockouts, and other changes, that will terminate Medicaid coverage of tens of thousands of…

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  • Darjee v. Betlach, District of Arizona

    Litigation Team and

    Low-income immigrant residents of Arizona who were eligible for full Medicaid benefits, but whose benefits were reduced to emergency-only benefits, filed suit against the state Medicaid agency for preventing them from accessing the full scope of necessary medical care. Plaintiffs alleged that these benefit reductions violated the obligation to…

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  • Wilson v. Gordon, United States District Court, Middle District of Tennessee, and Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

    2014 Medicaid applicants in Tennessee challenged State policies and practices that created bureaucratic barriers to enrolling in Medicaid and unlawfully delayed and denied health coverage to eligible individuals. Partners: Tennessee Justice Center, Southern Poverty Law Center

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Medicaid's 56th Anniversary
Medicaid 56th anniversary imageNHeLP has defended Medicaid for over 50 years. This week, we are celebrating the 56th anniversary of Medicaid and recommitting to our efforts to protect and advance health rights for all. Join us in celebration with a donation today! Happy Birthday Medicaid!