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  • Amicus: California v. Texas, U.S. Supreme Court

    The National Health Law Program and ten other organizations filed an amicus brief opposing a group of states’ effort to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion and other provisions designed to improve the Medicaid program. Texas and twelve other states arguing that the ACA’s minimum coverage…

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  • A.J. vs Gee, Middle District of Louisiana

    Medicaid eligible children who require in-home nursing services challenged Louisiana’s failure to arrange for or provide those medically necessary services. The failure to provide in-home nursing services puts these children at serious risk of harm and institutionalization.

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  • Karen Vaughn v. Jennifer Walthall, et al., 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

    Karen Vaughn has lived in the community for decades with the nursing and other services she needs. In 2016 she went to the hospital for what was expected to be a short stay but then could not find the Medicaid-funded nursing services she needed to return home. Ms. Vaughn…

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  • Amicus: Doe v. Trump, Ninth Circuit

    The National Health Law Program, the American Public Health Association, and 48 other groups filed an amicus brief opposing the President’s October 4, 2019 immigration proclamation. The Proclamation bars the entry of intending immigrants to the United States unless they have “approved health insurance” or “the financial resources to…

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  • Young v. Azar, D.D.C.

    Four low-income individuals from Michigan enrolled in Medicaid filed a class action lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging its approval of Michigan’s Medicaid waiver project, which includes an illegal work requirement and allows Michigan to charge enrollees premiums and terminate coverage for failure to complete certain “healthy behaviors.” Partners: Center…

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  • Rose v. Azar, D.D.C.

    Litigation Team ,

    Indiana residents enrolled in Medicaid filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging its extension of a Section 1115 project (HIP 2.0) allowing the State to condition Medicaid eligibility on compliance with work requirements. The approval also permits Indiana to charge enrollees premiums; terminate coverage and prohibit re-enrollment in…

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