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  • Amicus: Tennessee v. U.S. Department of State, Sixth Circuit

    Tennessee challenged the federal Medicaid statute’s requirement to provide Medicaid coverage to refugees as unconstitutionally coercive. Our amicus brief described the history of the Medicaid eligibility for immigrants, highlighting that the requirement to provide Medicaid to refugees has been part of Medicaid’s requirements since its inception in 1965. Partners:…

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  • DHS’ Proposed Rule: What May Change with Public Charge?

    The Department of Homeland Security is proposing a radical change to the longstanding immigration "public charge" provision, which impacts access to vital programs like Medicaid, housing assistance and an array food supplemental programs, for immigrants and their families. In this issue brief, Managing Attorney of National Health Law Program's…

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  • Darjee v. Betlach, District of Arizona

    Litigation Team and

    Low-income immigrant residents of Arizona who were eligible for full Medicaid benefits, but whose benefits were reduced to emergency-only benefits, filed suit against the state Medicaid agency for preventing them from accessing the full scope of necessary medical care. Plaintiffs alleged that these benefit reductions violated the obligation to…

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