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  • Lessons from California

    Kim Lewis

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded health care coverage to millions of previously uninsured Californians, and also ushered in technological innovations to streamline the state's eligibility and enrollment systems. In February's "Lessons from California," Managing Attorney of the LA Office Kimberly Lewis examines these innovations, and notes that they…

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  • Threats to the Affordable Care Act and Women’s Reproductive Health

    In this fact sheet, Senior Attorney Amy Chen details the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that have helped improve access to reproductive health care services for tens of millions of low income women. If the ACA and Medicaid expansion are repealed, Chen writes, it would likely make it…

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  • Lessons from California: CA Uses Legislation to Defend the ACA and Medicaid

    Abbi Coursolle

    With active efforts under way by Republicans in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Staff Attorney Abbi Coursolle in this month's Lessons from California highlights the need to look to state legislative opportunities to preserve the gains made in health care coverage and enact consumer protections.

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  • Q&A: How Upcoming Efforts to Transform Medicaid Could Affect Abortion Coverage

    Conservative lawmakers in Congress have signaled they will consider fundamental changes to Medicaid, ones that as Staff Attorney Catherine McKee notes could further reduce coverage of abortions. In this paper, McKee explains current Medicaid coverage of abortion care, describes how Medicaid funding structure and general coverage requirements would change under…

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  • Fact Sheet: Utilization Controls for Medicaid Prescription Drugs

    Abbi Coursolle

    State Medicaid programs that elect to provide outpatient prescription drug coverage must cover all FDA-approved drugs that are offered by a manufacturer that agrees to provide rebates. Nevertheless, states have substantial discretion to use utilization control techniques to steer Medicaid beneficiaries toward or away from certain drugs, within limits.…

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  • Fact Sheet: Medicaid Outpatient Prescription Drugs

    Prescription drug coverage is an important facet of the Medicaid program. Although an optional benefit, all states cover outpatient prescription drugs in their Medicaid programs.This fact sheet provides an overview of Medicaid outpatient prescription drug coverage, including: federal minimum requirements, state restrictions on prescription drug access, and special rules…

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Medicaid's 56th Anniversary

Medicaid 56th anniversary image

NHeLP has defended Medicaid for over 50 years. This week, we are celebrating the 56th anniversary of Medicaid and recommitting to our efforts to protect and advance health rights for all. Join us in celebration with a donation today! Happy Birthday Medicaid!