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  • Top Ten List: Reproductive and Sexual Health Care Access in the Time of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing and exacerbating pervasive obstacles to sexual health, family planning, prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum, and abortion care in the U.S. It is also illuminating how overlapping systems of oppression unjustly mar the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals, and people of…

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  • Medicaid Principles on Telehealth

    Studies demonstrate that underserved populations—such as low-income, rural, and Medicaid populations—are not using telehealth as widely as other demographic groups. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, states and providers had begun to develop innovative initiatives to address these disparities. NHeLP has prepared a list of principles that states should consider…

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  • Presumptive Eligibility and Abortion Issue Brief

    In this Issue Brief, authors Fabiola Carrión and Courtney Mendoza define Presumptive Eligibility (P.E.), which allows a patient to receive immediate Medicaid coverage if that individual is likely to be found eligible based on income, household size, and if applicable, pregnancy status. The authors describe how P.E. works, its…

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  • Amicus: Doe v. Trump, Ninth Circuit

    The National Health Law Program, the American Public Health Association, and 48 other groups filed an amicus brief opposing the President’s October 4, 2019 immigration proclamation. The Proclamation bars the entry of intending immigrants to the United States unless they have “approved health insurance” or “the financial resources to…

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  • Young v. Azar, D.D.C.

    Four low-income individuals from Michigan enrolled in Medicaid filed a class action lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging its approval of Michigan’s Medicaid waiver project, which includes an illegal work requirement and allows Michigan to charge enrollees premiums and terminate coverage for failure to complete certain “healthy behaviors.” Partners: Center…

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  • Medicaid Abortion Coverage in Arizona

    After finding that several states violated federal policy requiring reporting waivers in cases of rape, NHeLP partnered with state advocates to institute those waivers when Medicaid enrollees seek abortion coverage. One such state is Arizona. The National Health Law Program is pleased to release its most recent fact sheet, Medicaid…

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