National Health Law Program Says Racial Hatred Has No Place in a Just Society

National Health Law Program Says Racial Hatred Has No Place in a Just Society

Group Blasts Violence Aimed at Harming and Subjugating Black Communities

Washington – The National Health Law Program, (NHeLP), almost 50 years-old, fought in its early years against an unacceptable way of life in many parts of the country — separate hospitals, ones for whites and ones for people of color. We thought we had moved past those days of overt racism, but the white supremacists who took life and terrorized a community in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend showed that we have not.

“Racial hatred has helped build and maintain systems in this country that continue to harm black lives and communities,” said NHeLP Executive Director Elizabeth G. Taylor. “We have a health care system that has historically discriminated against people of color, and in turn has created enormous health inequities that will take decades to overcome. Our organization cannot condemn strongly enough white supremacists. They advance no speech or thought needed in the marketplace of ideas. White supremacy is about subjugation of non-white people. White supremacists preach and practice hatred and violence; neither is acceptable in a society that strives to be fair, just and compassionate. NHeLP stands with all human and civil rights groups in condemning racist philosophies and their violent consequences.”

Please contact NHeLP’s Director of Communications Jeremy Leaming for further comment from Taylor.

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