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  • Indiana’s Medicaid Work Requirement: Arkansas Redux, or Worse?

    After a federal court rejected CMS approvals for Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky, you might think Indiana would reconsider its own similar Medicaid waiver plan.But no, the State has not budged from its plan, which kicks in July 1. Ignoring the question of whether they can even…

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  • Calif., Leader in Protecting LGBTQ Health Care Rights, But Trump Administration Continues to Threaten Those Rights

    During this Pride Month, California is a proud leader in protecting LGBTQ residents from discrimination in health care.Indeed, California has a longstanding, albeit imperfect, history of protecting the rights of its LGBTQ residents. In keeping with this history, the state embraced the federal Health Care Rights Law (HCRL) Act, a…

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  • Supreme Court Sends Commerce Department’s Politically Motivated Census Citizenship Question Back to New York Federal Court

    National Health Law Program Urges Action to Ensure an Accurate 2020 CensusWashington, D.C. - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to remand the U.S. Commerce Department’s lawsuit to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census to a federal court in New York, stalling the politically driven effort to…

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  • Celebrate 50 Years

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  • Contraceptive Equity

    About Contraceptive Equity"Contraceptive Equity” means that every person can make their own decisions about pregnancy prevention, and contraceptive care is easily accessible and covered at no cost in all health programs. It requires acknowledging the critical role that family planning plays in improving health outcomes and economic security for…

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  • Medicaid as an LGBTQ Reproductive Justice Issue: A Primer

    The reproductive justice framework is rooted in the belief that all individuals and communities should have the resources and power they need to make their own decisions about their bodies, genders, sexualities, families, and lives. Access to Medicaid coverage is vital to fulfulling this framework for LGBTQ people. Medicaid…

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