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  • Fact Sheet: Utilization Controls for Medicaid Prescription Drugs

    Abbi Coursolle

    State Medicaid programs that elect to provide outpatient prescription drug coverage must cover all FDA-approved drugs that are offered by a manufacturer that agrees to provide rebates. Nevertheless, states have substantial discretion to use utilization control techniques to steer Medicaid beneficiaries toward or away from certain drugs, within limits.…

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  • Fact Sheet: Medicaid Outpatient Prescription Drugs

    Prescription drug coverage is an important facet of the Medicaid program. Although an optional benefit, all states cover outpatient prescription drugs in their Medicaid programs.This fact sheet provides an overview of Medicaid outpatient prescription drug coverage, including: federal minimum requirements, state restrictions on prescription drug access, and special rules…

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  • Lessons from California: Nov

    While Nov. 8 statewide elections in California brought the passage of a number of positive health care related initiatives, the looming Trump administration poses serious threats to health care in California and the nation, writes Staff Attorney Amy Chen in this month's Lessons from California. "Today and in the years…

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  • 2017 Screening for Medicaid Eligibility Under the Pickle Amendment

    and External Source

    With help from Gordon Bonnyman from the Tennessee Justice Center, NHeLP provides the updated 2017 - A Quick and Easy Method of Screening for Medicaid Eligibility under the Pickle Amendment, a screening tool and chart to determine if clients may be Medicaid eligible under the Pickle Amendment.  The screening process…

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  • Health Advocate: The Post-Election State of Our Health

    With a looming Trump administration and conservative majorities in Congress promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, and greatly weaken Medicaid and other public safety net laws, NHeLP D.C. Managing Attorney Mara Youdelman details some of what to expect in the coming year on health care.…

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  • Issue Brief: Current Issues in NEMT

    The non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) benefit is a critical component of the Medicaid program. This brief reviews the NEMT requirement and details states' various implementation options. It then probes some of the potential threats to and the future direction of this benefit as: (1) health care delivery increasingly shifts…

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